St. Tammany Parish Jail

The St. Tammany Parish Jail continuously implements comprehensive rehabilitative programs designed to provide life-skills, education, and coping skills necessary to reintegrate the offenders into society.


“To provide the highest standard of care, custody, and control for inmates incarcerated in the facility.”


“To become a model institution, which other facilities can look to and learn from, by improving our operational efficiencies and overall institutional performance.”


  • No escapes
  • No major incidents or uprisings
  • No suicides
  • Successfully graduated 58 recruits as solo correctional deputies
  • Transported 8,392 inmates to 22nd Judicial Court
  • Handled 20 extraditions
  • Brought 11 inmates to family funerals
  • Refurbished showers in A-100, A-300, A-400
  • Began painting inside of Jail
  • Refurbished K-Dorm
  • Replaced 2 boilers in E-Building
  • Replaced washers and dryers in the laundry room
  • Booked 8,207 people
  • Released 8,642 people
  • Drove 164,462.25 miles for court runs, hospital/clinic runs, funerals
  • Closed down the Trustee “tent” which returned all inmates within the secured walls of the facility and also allowed Criminal Patrol deputies to be returned to their posts
  • Developed and implemented Pretrial Risk Assessment for the courts to use in order to set bonds or flag offenders to be diverted to various specialty courts while working with several entities and agencies
  • Bonding/Records/Intake staff completed a booking & pretrial risk assessment training class (approximately 38 deputies)
  • Successfully transitioned from one phone vendor to another, which included planning, training for various divisions, implementation, and troubleshooting the issues that arose after the system went live
  • Successfully transitioned from one commissary vendor to another, which entailed changing the dynamic of the tasks that the commissary deputies previously performed. • Re-vamped the inmate kiosk system
  • Maximized bed space by housing approximately 1080 prisoners each day.
    (1130 including holding)


  • Implement sending new hires directly to POST II
  • Increase management and leadership geared training for Lieutenants.
  • Utilize Police-One on-line training for all jail perso­nnel
  • Continue Hi-Set testing for offenders
  • Develop a preventative maintenance plan for jail facilities
  • Continue painting the inside & outside of the jail
  • Replace the auger
  • Upgrade the camera system
  • Introduce the use of tablets to the inmate population.
  • Refurbish pods (10 total- floors, counters, paint, ceiling tiles, & lighting)
  • Transition to video visitation to increase security and availability to loved ones.
  • Proceed gaining approval and implementing revisions in jail policies & procedures.
  • Offer and graduate all possible deputies from the POST III to II transition class by the end of 2018.
  • Implement a POST I transition course for corrections personnel that desire to transfer to Criminal Patrol and meet the appropriate criteria.
  • Continue to work with the Court Administrator to implement misdemeanor arraignments using court call, to reduce the number of offenders transported to/from the courthouse for misdemeanor arraignments.
  • Continue working closely with the Specialty Courts and Court Administrator to expedite screening and diversion processes.
  • Offer technical training such as automotive repair and HVAC to give the offenders skills they can use to find gainful employment upon release.
  • Continue to follow through with the re-entry initiative set forth by the State of Louisiana Department of Corrections and graduate those offenders that meet appropriate criteria. Refurbish jail administration section of the building (floors, paint, ceiling tiles).
  • Refurbish “T-Dorm” and the multi-purpose room to accommodate the growing needs of the expanding life skills programs being offered to offenders.
  • We will build upon the foundation of positive staff relationships among the various jail departments.