Narcotics Division

The St. Tammany Parish Sheriff Office’s Narcotics Division is composed an investigative section both on the east and west side of St. Tammany Parish and a technical support section. There is a total of 10 detectives, 2 sergeants, 1 corporal, 1 lieutenant and one captain between all three sections of the Narcotics Division. The Narcotics Division has one administrative professional and one sergeant that are currently assigned to the FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force.


(July 1, 2018 - present)
  • Made drug seizures including:
    • 59+ lbs. of marijuana
    • 1.6 lbs. of cocaine
    • 1/2+ lb. of heroin
    • 3.4 lbs. of methamphetamine
    • 9,332 prescription pills
  • Conducted investigation leading to the arrest of numerous inmate trustees that were smuggling contraband into the St. Tammany Parish Jail.
  • Made 440 arrests, 132 controlled purchases and executed 225 search warrants
  • Seized 66 weapons and $135,482 in cash.


(July 1, 2017 – June 30, 2018)
  • Made drug seizures including:
    • 38.8 lbs. of marijuana
    • 4.7 lbs. of cocaine
    • 2+ oz. of heroin
    • 1+ lbs. of methamphetamine
    • 5,282 prescription pills
  • Conducted 4 investigations involving methamphetamines/meth labs.
  • Made 345 arrests, 121 controlled purchases and executed 187 search warrants.
  • Seized 51 weapons, 15 vehicles and $139,932 in cash.


(July 1, 2018 - present)
  • Continue to upgrade covert surveillance equipment for improved officer safety.
  • Continue to combat the problems of prescription pain pill abuse, manufacture of methamphetamine, and sales of marijuana, powder and crack cocaine, heroin and other related narcotics.
  • Continue to diminish the presence of illegal synthetic drugs in St. Tammany Parish and gather intelligence on new processes that are being utilized to manufacture the various drugs.
  • Aggressively investigate the distribution of fentanyl in our area that has been responsible for numerous overdose deaths.
  • Continue to challenge our detectives to work more long-term cases that may result in additional arrests for conspiracy or financial crimes associated with narcotics distribution networks in our area.